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Aussie Lamp Centre - Best Place to Buy Projector Lamps in Australia

We’re an independently owned & operated supplier of projector lamps in Australia. For you, it just means that you get to have the benefits of dealing with a local business while enjoying the perks of great prices and a broad range of projector lamps.

We sell 2 types of projector lamp:

Original/Genuine: This lamp is a Manufacturers genuine lamp. This means that both the bulb and the housing are original.

Original Bulb Inside: refers to OBM (original bulb manufacturer) made by Philips, Osram Ushio and phoenix - these companies manufacture genuine original Bulbs for most of the major projector brands. They are manufactured to the identical strict quality control requirements as are found in original modules These lamps use very high-quality components that are comparable to the bulb supplied by the original manufacturer, thus guaranteeing performance.

In order to bring excellent projector viewing experiences, we use premium original bulbs such as: PHILIPS, OSRAM, USHIO and PHOENIX.

Selling high quality projector lamp replacements with the “original bulb inside” brings down the cost reasonably.

Our decent inventory of projector lamps & projector bulbs only means we can deliver much faster. Our experienced staff are available to help you with your technical questions. Our goal is to find the lamp you need, make it easy for you to place your order, give you the support you require and send you the lamp that will satisfy your high standard of excellence.

When it comes to finding the best projectors australia, we are your trusted source for buying the best- quality projectors in australia. 

All lamps are backed with 180 days warranty.

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