All Projector lamps come with 180 day warranty from the date of receiving the goods and can be extended according to the manufactures warranty.

For Extension of warranty at an extra cost, please call us on 03 85487841 or email at info@aussielampcentre.com.au.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • Lamp brightness decreases with normal usage. Degradation in brightness is not covered under warranty; however a significant deterioration and obvious bulb fault is covered.
  • Physical damage to any part of the lamp for any reason including but not limited to water, dust or moisture, improper usage of the product, dropped, collision with another object, damage to the outside casing, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, natural disasters, intentional or accidental damage by third parties is not covered
  • Improper Installation by you or third party will not be covered under warranty

Warranty Claim:

  • To lodge a claim, email us info@aussielampcentre.com.au, once we receive your information, we will check the warranty status and then request the defective lamp to be sent to our centre, upon clarification and verifying with our in-house technical team and if approved, we will then provide you with the replacement.
  • Aussie Lamp Centre reserve the right to provide an Identical replacement lamp (or superior if applicable) free of charge or a full credit raised at Aussie Lamp Centre to the customer if the lamp is not available.
  • Replacement of the projector lamp does not extend or restart the Warranty term.

Aussie Lamp Centre reserves the right to remove the warranty from any model at any time. This will not affect the warranty on any projector lamps already sold.