Being one of the leading suppliers of projector lamps in Australia, Aussie Lamp Centre is well aware of the fact that there is a lot of confusion around projectors and projector lamps. Due to this, they fail to buy a suitable product that would be compatible with their projector. Therefore, we aim to help you understand the technology behind projector lamps by providing simple tips, valuable knowledge, and resolving frequently asked questions. However, if you still have any confusion, feel free to contact us.

  • A Guide to buying a projector lamp

If you use a projector, then sooner or later there comes a time when you need to change the projector lamp. Buying a new projector lamp is not a plain-sailing task as there are lots of factors to be considered in this regard. Here are a few simple tips in this regard.

1) Check the life expectancy

Every projector lamp has a limited life that may vary between 1500 to 5000 hours of use. The average life of a projector lamp is not necessarily proportional to its price. Therefore, you should check the “lamp hours” on the product’s description. Also, find out the warranty offered on the product.

2) Check its compatibility with your projector

Every projector is different, so it requires a specific type of projector lamp. For example, the projectors used in classrooms use a low-wattage bulb than a projector used in theatres. While buying a projector lamp, you should check its warranty, compatibility, brightness, and other details. To find out what type of projector lamp will be most suitable for your projector, you need to check its user manual. However, if it has not been clearly mentioned there, then you should contact the manufacturer in this regard.

3) Choose a lamp module over a bare projector lamp

A pre-built lamp module is an easy-to-replace and economical method. On the other hand, fitting a bare lamp requires expertise in this field as mishandling can lead to damage to the bulb. So, it’s better to buy a lamp module.

  • When to replace the projector lamp

Generally, projector lamps do not fail suddenly, and they start showing some signals before ceasing to work. You should recognize these signals and buy a projector bulb on time. Here are a few common signals that suggest your projector lamp will fail sooner.

1) Popping sound

After turning on the projector, if you hear a popping sound, and the projector screen appears faded or completely dark, it’s the time to replace the projector bulb.

2) Dim light 

Clear, crisp images on the projector screen indicate that the projector lamp is in good condition. If the projector image appears dull, despite setting the brightness to the normal level, then it indicates it’s high time that you buy a projector lamp.

3) Indicator light

Some projectors comprise an indicator light while others show a message to suggest the appropriate time to change the projector lamp. If the indicator comes down, you should buy a projector lamp for backup. After changing the projector lamp, you should reset the indicator.

4) Image flicker

If the image on the projector screen flickers now and then, you should buy a projector lamp soon.

  • Frequent Asked Questions

  1. What type of projector lamp should I purchase for my projector?

Before buying a projector lamp, you should check the user manual of the projector. By reading it, you can find information about the exact model of the projector bulb that will work well with your projector. If you have any confusion, contact us.

  1. Where is the “projector Lamp” located?

To locate the projector lamp, you have to find a square or rectangular plastic plate, which is often located outside the projector. This plastic plate can be found on the top or bottom of the projector lamp. This plastic cover is often secured by screws. By undoing these screws and lifting the plate off, you will find the bottom of the plastic housing that holds the projector lamp.

  1. Can I replace a projector lamp on my own?

If you buy a projector lamp with the black plastic housing, it is easy to replace it on your own. However, replacing a bare projector lamp can be difficult as it requires a certain degree of expertise.

  1. When to change my projector lamp?

In rare instances, the projector lamp may fail all of a sudden. But generally, a projector lamp shows certain signals before ceasing to work completely. These signals include a popping sound, dull or flickering image, or poor brightness. Apart from that, some projectors also comprise an indicator that goes down when the projector lamp is about to expire. After recognizing these signals, you need not necessarily replace the projector bulb, but should at least purchase it as a backup option.

  1. Why it’s necessary to consider the compatibility with my projector before replacing a projector lamp?

The projector lamp used with your projector should meet its specific technical requirements, such as the exact pressurization of the mercury vapor and the positioning of the ARC tube within the quartz globe. There is not one projector lamp fits all solution. For example, it is not possible to install a low-voltage projector lamp into a projector that needs a high-voltage projector bulb.

  1. Can I touch a projector lamp?

Well, you can touch the projector lamp globes, but try to handle them with care. And, you should not touch the ARC tube with your fingers as this will leave fingerprints on it and can cause it to explode or destabilize your projector lamp's performance.