Secured Payment


At Aussie Lamp Centre, we accept payment in Australian dollar via different modes, such as credit card, debit card, and Internet banking. And, we ensure that our payment gateway is cent percent secure and free from any sort of electronic intrusion. To prevent cyber theft by hackers and fraudsters, we have taken many strong steps, such as follows:

    1. We use SSL (digital certificate) that is the most effective way to achieve data security on an e-commerce website.

    2. Our website is compliant with the payment card industry (PCI), which helps to significantly reduce cases of fraud.

    3. To eliminate price scraping and other online frauds, we use real-time bot detection technology.

    4. To protect the website against malicious entry, we use latest web application firewall that works as a gateway between two or more networks.

    5. Our website uses built-in security protocols and security plugins that will add an extra layer of protection.

Apart from taking all these measures, we have taken strict policies related to the privacy and security of data in transit during the payment process. So, you can shop securely with our website, without any threat about losing your money or precious information to hackers.